brush-tailed porcupine

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Noun1.brush-tailed porcupine - porcupine with a tuft of large beaded bristles on the tail
Old World porcupine - terrestrial porcupine
Atherurus, genus Atherurus - a genus of Hystricidae
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Tioman has quite a few protected species of mammals, including the binturong, long-tailed macaque, slow loris, black giant squirrel, red giant flying squirrel, mouse deer, brush-tailed porcupine, and common palm civet, from a total of 45 species of mammals and 138 species of birds, including the majestic frigate bird.
In addition, CDC and the Food and Drug Administration, pursuant to 42 CFR 70.2 and 21 CER 1240.30, are prohibiting the transportation or offering for transportation in interstate commerce, or the sale, offering for sale, or offering for any other type of commercial or public distribution, including release into the environment of prairie dogs and the following rodent s from Africa: tree squirrels (Heliosciurus sp.), rope squirrels (Funisciurus sp.), dormice (Graphiurus sp.), Cambian giant pouched rats (Cricetomys sp.), brush-tailed porcupines (Atherurus sp.), and striped mice (Hybomys sp.).