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Baseball An inside, usually high fastball intended to force the batter to move away from the plate.


(Ball Games, other than specified) baseball a pitch that narrowly misses the batter



n. Baseball.
a fastball pitched high and inside, forcing the batter to lean away from the plate.
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Marichal knocked down Maury Wills and Ron Fairly with brushback pitches before he came to the plate as a batter in the third inning.
Added to the emotional tinder of the pennant race was the growing hostility between the teams; brushback pitches and bench jockeying, especially from Marichal and Dodgers Roseboro and Maury Wills, were common.
But brushback pitches and jawing, even the crudest sort, are commonplace in the heat of pennant races.
And knockdown or brushback pitches were for all practical purposes removed from a hurler's arsenal.
I do know that there is a lot of bad blood between the teams and that should be enough in itself to get our guys going,'' said hitting coach Dana Williams, referring to a season-long feud that has included several brushback pitches and verbal jabs among the players.
Those efforts, in turn, have spurred great moral debates, innumerable brushback pitches, frequent accusations of unfair play, and the development of a code of ethics that has stood the test of time.