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Baseball An inside, usually high fastball intended to force the batter to move away from the plate.


(Ball Games, other than specified) baseball a pitch that narrowly misses the batter



n. Baseball.
a fastball pitched high and inside, forcing the batter to lean away from the plate.
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a specialty wood products showcase hosted by the Ravalli County Development Authority in Hamilton with company presentations by Brushbacks Woodshop, Bitterroot Valley Forest Products, Great Western Log Homes, and Master Log Homes;
Brushbacks Woodshop was founded by Louviere in 2008 with the goal of bringing forest product-related jobs back to Darby.
During the Asian delegation visit, Brushbacks Woodshop's managers were able to present several of their furniture pieces and are working toward identifying the products that will fit the needs of Asian customers as they continue to expand their production and distribution.
The wood is a favorite for making handles and brushbacks as well as kitchen utensils, fruit storage trays, boxes and toys.
Cocobolo is also used for small tool handles and brushbacks.
Wooden bowls, brushbacks, umbrella handles and measuring instruments are made from pearwood.