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Adj.1.brushlike - resembling a brush; "brushlike blue blooms"
armed - (used of plants and animals) furnished with bristles and thorns
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(6) Terminal spicules, if still present after processing through sieves, are long and brushlike over entire posterior end in K.
Description: Erect and brushlike flower racemes and spikes up to 6 inches long.
Mayfly larvae, which use brushlike labial palps to feed, removed microalgae from the upper layer of the periphyton, but had no discernible effect on the lower adnate layer.
The details she furnishes are too confined and the analysis of the consequences for Russia in particular too brushlike. Although the book purports to deal with western assistance to central Europe, Russia, and Ukraine, in fact the story told is chiefly about US assistance to Poland in the early 1990s and to Russia later on.