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Noun1.brushup - practice intended to polish performance or refresh the memory
practice session, practice, drill, exercise, recitation - systematic training by multiple repetitions; "practice makes perfect"
rub up - a review that refreshes your memory; "I need a rub up on my Latin"
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A lady I knew who worked for social services dragged him in for his yearly "wash and brushup".
Best in Gaming or Gamification: BrushUP Teethbrushing App
Pictured, from left, were Helen |Crawshaw, who played Fairy Nightshade; Susan Roberts as Prince Florizel; Angela Holmes as Princess Beauty; Richard Adamson as Bubble and Sally Whiting as Brushup. The show, which was produced by Selwyn Shaw was a total sell out over its four-night run.
Although a brushup on Lysistrata, As You Like It, Candida, or The Rose Tattoo might have prompted Simon to temper his comments about the agency of married women in comedy, and although a firmer recollection of the classical tragedians, August Strindberg and Eugene O'Neill, might have helped him ground his observation about married women in plays generally, he is right to find Period of Adjustment unusual in its reliance on married women to advance plot.
"I've had so many comments from parents whose children are preparing for the bar, from lawyers who love it as a way to brushup their skills, and from spouses of law students," said Pincus.
It allows people to work at their own pace to study key skills, brushup on interview techniques and gain work experience, which builds confidence and employability.