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also brusk  (brŭsk)
Abrupt and curt in manner or speech; discourteously blunt. See Synonyms at gruff.

[French, lively, fierce, from Italian brusco, coarse, rough, from Late Latin brūscum, perhaps blend of Latin rūscus, butcher's broom, and Late Latin brūcus, heather; see briar1.]

brusque′ly adv.
brusque′ness n.
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Adj.1.brusk - marked by rude or peremptory shortness; "try to cultivate a less brusque manner"; "a curt reply"; "the salesgirl was very short with him"
discourteous - showing no courtesy; rude; "a distant and at times discourteous young"


also brusk
Rudely unceremonious:
References in classic literature ?
Tulliver liked to call the father's attention to Maggie's hair and other unexpected virtues, but he had a brusk reply to give.
We will hand over these nine bodies to the Kurdish Red Crescent in Afrin [west] for their families to retrieve them," Brusk Hasakeh said in a statement handed to reporters.
r s/ + /k/ Volk / sank / Berg / brusk /r/ + /l/ Kerl /l r/ + /m/ Schelm / Turm /l r/ + /n/ Koln / gern /l m r (s)/ + /p/ halb / Lump / Korb / Knospe /c f k l m n [?
Kimberly Brusk, Gun Laws Still Don't Protect Women from Abusers, USA TODAY (July 30, 2014), www.
Mi abuelo paterno me conto todo lo que se les hizo a los armenios--admite Brusk, un joven kurdo de la ciudad de Diyarbakir--Atacaron a nuestros propios vecinos y amigos armenios, y nosotros no tuvimos el coraje de ayudarlos.
For much of the transformed part of Colombia, the habitats offered are drier and experience brusk changes in temperatures during 24 hours (owing to the reduction in vegetative cover).
he research study by Jenny Brusk, lecturer in computer science at the University of Skovde, shows how one can use language technology to create more socially driven dialogues in games, with characters who can understand natural language.
With Brayati champions, Brusk FC finished as runners up with 28 points.
So, too, "Old Abrahamsen," a brusk, solitary former sailor, nurtures Audun back to health after a bad beating.
The shame of wanting to touch something, someone, his hands reaching towards trees but looking around before touching, or touching so brief it might be brusk, might bruise the branches, tear a leaf, rip acorn from what was once tender grasp.
The burly, brusk Rajoub formed an unlikely kinship with the erudite Nusseibeh, borne of their shared familiarity with the Israeli mindset, belief in the possibility of finding common ground, and rejection of the campaign of suicide bombings.
Smil wants to let you know that, and succeeds with brusk reminders that his book deals with science fact and not science fiction.