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(ˈbjuːbəl) ,




(Animals) any of various antelopes, esp an extinct N African variety of hartebeest
[C15: from Latin būbalus African gazelle, from Greek boubalos, from Greek bous ox]
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The five bridges include the Saecheonnyeon bridge, Jangja bridge, Bubal bridge, Daedeok 2nd bridge and Gujeuk bridge.
Among the species that have disappeared are the Bubal hartebeest, which is now extinct; the scimitar horned oryx, which is extinct in the wild; and the African wild dog and African lion, which are both locally extinct in the Sahara.
The Bubal hartebeest is extinct; the scimitar horned oryx is extinct in the wild; and the African wild dog and African lion have vanished from the Sahara.
15) Tenemos constancia del gobierno de las tenencias de San Jorge, Traba, Ferraria, Limia, Bubal, Castella, Deza, Monterroso y Salamanca; vid.
In the same month, the Daily Mail reported that Jackson was spotted feeling "a bit down" by songwriter David Wharnsby and producer Phillip Bubal, who have both embraced Islam.
Smith and Al Muhairi can launch their bid for a three-timer with the evergreen sprinter Machynleth in the Bubal Billett Trophy over 1,100metres on dirt.
15) Situada junto a la aldea de Villaza (o Vilaza), a orillas del rio Bubal, afluente del Tamega.