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June last year saw the start of heritage services between Wolsingham and Stanhope, using a Bubble Car single diesel unit.
Former Radio Caroline DJ Ray Teret took the naive teenager to a flat in the Manchester area in a bubble car in the early 1960s and she "couldn't believe it" when she found Savile was there, a jury was told.
If that had been an inflatable mattress he would have got it in the back of a bubble car.
He also fronted a popular weekly show, Where's Fred, which sees him touring the region in a bubble car.
Until I realised owning a yellow bubble car filled with gold tracksuits, bright red underpants, pink satin bedspreads and pictures of smiling boys wearing medals that said an ageing bachelor with dyed blond hair had "fixed it" for them wouldn't look too good if the Operation Ore II team came knocking.
Also up for grabs is Savile's famous yellow BMW Isetta 300 Plus bubble car, bought in 1965 while he was a resident DJ at the New Elizabethan Ballroom, Belle Vue, Manchester.
The tone of the afternoon for the Briton seemed set when he did the pre-race drivers parade perched on a three-wheeled bubble car while Webber and Vettel cruised around in Rolls Royces.
From jumped-up bubble car to bus, it's not what I really wanted for two nights," thought Skinner.
Motors already signed up to the show include the Bugatti 1985 Type 50 Grand Sport, Jaguar 1959 XK 150 Drop Head Coupe and Isetta Bubble Car 1959.
But off we went in our Isetta bubble car and I jumped out three times to clear snowdrifts.
Yesterday Angela paid back the kindness by buying Sir Jimmy's yellow bubble car for pounds 22,000 at the auction.
THE owner of a care home has explained why she spent pounds 22,000 on Sir Jimmy Savile's yellow bubble car at an auction in Leeds after the DJ did a good turn for her residents.