bubble chamber

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bubble chamber

An apparatus in which the movement and collision of ionizing particles is determined by the examination of trails of gas bubbles that form in the paths of the particles as they move through a superheated liquid.

bubble chamber

(General Physics) a device that enables the tracks of ionizing particles to be photographed as a row of bubbles in a superheated liquid. Immediately before the particles enter the chamber the pressure is reduced so that the ionized particles act as centres for small vapour bubbles

cloud′ cham`ber

an apparatus containing a mixture of gas and vapor in which visible tracks of ions reveal the paths of charged particles through the mixture.

bub·ble chamber

A device used to observe the movements of charged atomic particles, such as ions. A bubble chamber consists of a container filled with a very hot fluid. The paths of the charged particles are visible as trails of bubbles in the fluid. Bubble chambers are considered more useful than cloud chambers, because the bubbles remain visible longer than the condensation clouds of cloud chambers do. Compare cloud chamber.
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Noun1.bubble chamber - an instrument that records the tracks of ionizing particles
particle detector - a chamber in which particles can be made visible
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The PICO experiment at the Department of Energy's Fermilab uses a bubble chamber in a bid to detect weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs), which are a hypothesized type of dark matter.
UPDATE: Argonne's proton accelerator had a bubble chamber, used to detect charged particles, that was the first such device to detect a neutrino.
Ben Eaton, Victoria Pratt and Richard Warburton, who were based at the Bubble Chamber on Bull Yard, asked passers-by for their most treasured memories and placed them on a giant digital map of Coventry.
1973: Discovery of neutral currents at a bubble chamber
Ultimately, the explosion of the hydrogen bubble chamber at CEA in 1965 led to defunding of the laboratory.
But if many artists at the time had similarly reduced artistic gesture, submitting it to lugubrious gravity or tensility, Whitten's operation pointed to faster forces: radar, cathode ray, satellite, electron beam, hydrogen bubble chamber, inkjet.
Mr Phillips said: "The Bubble Chamber was used to create nuclear fission, Liverpool was very much at the centre of nuclear development.
Fizz Seeks Looks for subatomic fizzes in the bubble chamber.
in experimental high energy physics with George Trilling at UC Berkeley in 1974 studying the interactions of hyperons in the 82-inch hydrogen bubble chamber.