bubble jet printer

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Noun1.bubble jet printer - a kind of ink-jet printer
ink-jet printer - a printer that produces characters by projecting electrically charged droplets of ink
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Already, the additive technology, which puts layers of material like bubble jet printer prints image with ink dots, has been put to use in a variety of ways - from making birthday cakes to producing prosthetic parts and aircraft wings.
The author undertook investigation of innovations at three companies: Sony's Vaio 505, Toyota's Prius, and Canon's Bubble Jet Printer BJ-10v.
All photographs were printed with piezoelectric ink jet printer Epson Stylus Pro 1290, bubble jet printer Canon Pixma iP 4000, sublimation printer Olympus Passport P-400 and digital laser photographic printer Agfa d-lab.
All returned survey forms will go in the draw to win a fabulous Powershot A75 digital camera and PIXMA IP3000 Bubble Jet printer package from Canon New Zealand--so it's worth your while taking a few minutes (that's all it should take) to complete the survey.
Flexibility and portability are the two words that come to mind with Canon's i80 color Bubble Jet printer.
However when you buy a new ink cartridge for a piezo-electric bubble jet printer you only buy the ink, hence their lower cost.
A pounds 900 laptop, pounds 170 bubble jet printer and pounds 200 digital camera were taken from a Peugeot 406 at the Travel Inn, in Coventry Road, Bedworth.
For this assignment, students used Macintosh G3 computers, Adobe Photoshop software with a ScanWizard import utility, a Microtek scanner, and an Epson 400 color bubble jet printer (students can use any version of these items).
In addition to introducing the first Bubble Jet printer in the market, Canon developed the first desktop Laser Beam printer.
Canon has introduced a portable two-pound product that does both--the PJC-50 Color Bubble Jet Printer.
At present I have a slow laser printer, a slow color bubble jet printer, and a high speed printer I use for pin feed paper or labels.
Another alternative he suggests is the bubble jet printer, with quality that falls between that of the laser and the dot matrix.