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n. also bubble gum
1. Chewing gum that can be blown into bubbles.
2. Slang A style of popular music designed to appeal to adolescents, characterized by bouncy rhythms and a generally cheerful tone.
adj. Slang
1. Of or characteristic of bubblegum music: bubblegum rock.
2. Marked by or displaying an adolescent immaturity, as in style or taste.


(ˈbʌb əlˌgʌm)

a type of chewing gum that can be blown into large bubbles through the lips.
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It tasted bubblegum sweets and candy Once you get inside though, it's absolutely lovely.
Sticky the elf has a special gift, he can shoot bubblegum from his hands.
Bubblegum Sour It's not all about chocolate on Easter - for those who prefer sweets, there's plenty of options on offer, too.
The '90s bubblegum pop- loving teenybopper in me found the synth-laden tracks and angry guitar riff-filled songs that these videos represented quite baffling.
The eaterie serves up 'freakshakes' - a craze sweeping across the American food industry - from Candy Shop Explosion, featuring candy floss dipped in chocolate and rolled with marshmallows and cream, to Bubblegum, consisting of fruity bubblegum dipped in white chocolate and served with cookies.
Each limited edition baseball sized trading cards will be packed with bubblegum and made available at the event.
Special skills: In today's world, getting older is something to be terrified and ashamed of for women - so all hail Bubblegum.
National ice cream brand Yorvale has extended its range of innovative, all natural ice creams with the launch a new bubblegum flavour.
Psychedelic Bubble Gum: Boyce & Hart, The Monkees, and Turning Mayhem into Miracles provides more than your usual analysis of the studio rock group that became a bubblegum hit: it comes from a writer who not only co-created the sound played by The Monkees, but many of the classic hit songs before the group was even formed.
Bubblegum is black and feisty whereas candy is white, fluffy and cuddly.
covered make-up, bubblegum and put a But the relationship between an actor and their make-up folk can soon become quite fraught when they're both involved in a gruelling film schedule as "being made up" becomes only ever about continuity, where pressed powder and Elnett Hairspray reign supreme.
Princess Bubblegum must start her annual journey to the outer kingdoms to see her distant friends and to rejuvenate the crystals that keep their kingdoms alive.