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n. also bubble gum
1. Chewing gum that can be blown into bubbles.
2. Slang A style of popular music designed to appeal to adolescents, characterized by bouncy rhythms and a generally cheerful tone.
adj. Slang
1. Of or characteristic of bubblegum music: bubblegum rock.
2. Marked by or displaying an adolescent immaturity, as in style or taste.


(ˈbʌb əlˌgʌm)

a type of chewing gum that can be blown into large bubbles through the lips.
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The former Celebrity Apprentice and TV Host explained, "Within a few days Prive Porter can find me a Bubblegum pink or Mimosa yellow alligator Birkin.
The air-filled lungs will bob about on the surface and the different organs will lose their vibrant deep purple and bubblegum pink colours, turning browny grey.
Here's Nicki Minaj as we've never seen her before - ditching the bubblegum pink for high fashion.
Retro radio - I like a bit of kitsch and I'm a fan of bright, bubblegum pink and this was one of the first things I bought when I moved in.
From slate black to bubblegum pink, its colourful casing makes it ideal for all ages.
Then get your gloss on in a gorgeous bubblegum pink shade this summer.
Secondary Education: The fx-9860GII, which is also available in a bubblegum pink color, is a perfect tool for secondary education students.
Be it a bubblegum pink candle, a stylish pastel pink scarf or a fuchsia pink hand bag, there's something for everyone.
After that, just put on a pretty lipstick in a bubblegum pink shade.
In Blick's re-working, played against a bubblegum pink and yellow-coloured set, the eponymous Red is more likely to snarl than skip, and as for the 'big bad' wolf, well, he's not quite what anyone expects.
The pick'n'mix of sweet cupcake cushions, candy striped curtains and bubblegum pink feature wall makes this room every little girl's dream.