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A foolish or empty-headed person: "He presents antiwar protesters ... as bubbleheads who didn't even know where Southeast Asia was" (Frank Rich).

bub′ble·head′ed adj.


informal a frivolous person
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Among the three witches, Kunis' Theodora is a bit lacking in dramatic stature; Weisz's Evanora strikes the right notes of icy ambition; and Williams, who has rarely looked more radiant onscreen, is a bewitching presence indeed, making Glinda more than just another bubblehead.
The film takes off at the selection ceremony, or reaping, a nationally televised event complete with armed soldiers and a bubbly bubblehead MC (Elizabeth Banks), during which Katniss's younger sister, Primrose (Willow Shields), is chosen.
Of Amber, Wasserman remarks, "A sexed-up bubblehead who is after Petra's job, she develops surprising empathy for her rival and becomes another key element in the complex symbioses that comprise Petra's life" (ii).
With Charlie boy locked-up, the out-of-control blonde bubblehead must be the scariest person in Hollywood.
The underlying question in Uglies and Pretties-is the bubblehead operation so bad if it means no war, hatred, or environmental destruction?
Coming off the cusp of his most accomplished film to date, Araki's latest tale involves a baked bubblehead blonde, Jane, who remains stoned for the duration of this 88-minute movie.
Sam Klaus had "bounced from the Treasury to the Foreign Economic Administration, a Bubblehead Wallace enterprise, to State, and now we find his wife running the Labor Relations Board.
She has played her expected role in providing him with a child and so if the marriage requires a little refreshment in the shape of Marie-Louise (a selfish little bubblehead with a rich husband), well, so be it and let's not make a fuss.
Complicating matters was that both games featured special promotions, insuring early arriving fans eager to claim limited edition Paul O'Neill bubblehead dolls and 100th Season commemorative key rings.
Included were these memorable lines: "We've never done it that way before," "We're not ready for it yet," "What bubblehead thought that up?
Mencken about the "guru letters"--fawning missives he had addressed to "Beloved Master" Roerich in happier days-- Wallace weaseled, causing intense mirth among the press corps, who unaffectionately referred to him as Old Bubblehead.