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A foolish or empty-headed person: "He presents antiwar protesters ... as bubbleheads who didn't even know where Southeast Asia was" (Frank Rich).

bub′ble·head′ed adj.
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informal a frivolous person
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In June 2005, as home prices began to soften in overbuilt markets, Lawrence Kudlow, now director of the National Economic Council, said that only "bubbleheads" believe that housing weakness would "bring down the consumer, the rest of the economy and the entire stock market".
Examples include SailorBob 2.0: The Real SWO Gouge, www.sailorbob.com; Information Dissemination, www.informationdissemination.net; Cdr Salamander, cdrsalamander.blogspot.com; I Like the Cut of His Jib!!, navycaptain -therealnavy.blogspot.com; and The Stupid Shall Be Punished, bubbleheads.blogspot.com.
No matter whether they're ground-pounders, wing-wipers, bubbleheads or deck apes, all military personnel appreciate these two items: Gold Bond medicated foot powder and "flushable personal wipes." Responses are less exuberant, but rich with sincerity, as in "Really, really thank you!" Foot-rot and swamp-butt aren't subjects for light conversation, but providing soothing relief for 'em is a truly thoughtful act.
And were the Lib Dems really a bunch of loveable student-union bubbleheads - or was that just Nick Clegg?
"All those housing bubbleheads," the attorney observed.