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Noun1.bubbliness - the property of giving off bubbles
gaseousness - having the consistency of a gas
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That bubbliness has kept Richards around Villa manager Steve Bruce's promotion-chasing squad, despite the fact he hasn't played a game in well over a year.
Return to the oven for 3 to 5 minutes, or until the pizzas reach your desired level of crispy-edged brownness and cheesy bubbliness.
We want to get back where we were, and to do that we will try to keep the same mentality, BT the same bubbliness we had earlier in the season.
Low-grade salivary duct carcinoma may show cribriform and micropapillary (inset) architectures made up of low-grade ductal cells that lack the cytoplasmic bubbliness of mammary analogue secretory carcinoma.
What I love about Aziz is he has a very optimistic point of view about everything, and the sweet bubbliness to the beginning of that relationship is that version.
Even after that, the script doesn't find a lot of drama, though the younger couple are newlyweds and their relative bubbliness -- I like being married, says the girl (Melanie Laurent); "I like belonging to something, to someone" -- softens the older couple's cynicism.
In that time he has impressed with the speed and economy of his bowling, the bubbliness of his personality and even the competitiveness of his batting.
When you hold a cricket bat or ball, you need to have that bubbliness," he added.
The bubbliness has to be there, it is fun to do that.
For all their disagreements during the five weeks of filming, mainly sparked by Davis' bubbliness clashing with Pilkington's negativity, it's clear the pair are now firm friends and Davis says he learned a lot.
It can be good to feel on form, and if you need to enthuse anyone or share some ideas, your bubbliness can work wonders.