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 (bo͝ob′ē, bo͞ob′ē)
n. pl. bub·bies Slang
A woman's breast.

[Origin unknown.]


n, pl -bies
slang a woman's breast
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Made by acclaimed champagne house Chanoine Freres, two judges awarded this seriously smooth brioche and citrusdominated bubby top marks.
My grandmother, called Bubby by people who she wasn't even related to, used to grate the potatoes by hand for her latkes, the traditional potato pancakes of Chanukah.
Enjoy a glass of bubby on arrival followed by a fivecourse dinner with accompanying wines for PS50 per person - go on they are worth it
Mogen David, the winery, also produces slightly higherend vintages preferred by my Bubby, along with lots of other people's Bubbies, which she serves in teeny-tiny fairy glasses for Passover and Rosh Hashanah, two of the only three holidays she observes--all depressing.
Its fresh, bubby, and ready-to-serve--perfect for any ladies' evening with friends," says Vanessa Jenkins, Senior Marketing Director of Tequilas at Beam Inc.
We were friendly before the movie and she is exactly what you'd think she would be - bubby, full of infectious energy, funny, tomboyish and boisterous.
Among them there's her over-opinionated Bubby Dora, a comically prissy fashion designer and an approvalseeking clown who livens up a seance.
Answers, right) QUIZ ANSWERS 11 Fabulous Shanty 12 Nifty Crash, Nyla Fantasy 13 Aero Gaga (2-7) 14 Taylors Sky 15 Whittle Murtagh 16 Ballyard Buddy 17 Centurion Dolly, Soho Storm 18 Blonde Reagan 19 Trappers Corner 20 Tynwald Tom 21 Boher Chieftain 22 Benkaat Blue 23 Powerfast Pigeon Scoring (29 in total) 25-29 Classic potential 18-24 Open class winner 13-17 A3 at best 7-12 Nothing special 0-6 Making up the numbers in A10 1 Farloe Luigi 2 Droopys Pacquiao, Rockview Sail 3 Yahoo Jamie 4 Liz McNair 5 Sids Dream 6 Wallis, Cahill 7 Stuart Mason 8 Newinn Rocket 9 Droopys Jet 10 Alien Planet, Bubby Phoenix, Silverview Perky
The wine varietals include Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc, Sweet Red, Bubbly Chardonnay, Bubby Moscato and Bubbly Pinot Grigio.
The two helpless parents were unable to calm her until they bought her load of toys from world famous store FAO Schwartz and took her to luxurious food eatery Bubby, reported Contactmusic.