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Instead I ruled that repeating an over-ranked blessing doesn't do bubkes.
Some fans latched onto the joke as though it actually were proof that Bettman knew bubkes about hockey.
No matter where we went or what we did the results were the same, culminating in bubkes about the concentration camps.
The sales rep didn't know bubkes about the product functionality and tried to BS their way through--always a big turnoff.
Trust me, after awhile it don't mean bubkes the size of your titties, excuse my French; there's just so much a man can take.
Most of all, Caroline doesn't like "making bubkes," as Mrs.
The book arrives seventeen years and some $60 billion further on from the launch pad of President Reagan's proposal for the Strategic Defense Initiative, with basically bubkes to show for it.
I'd hate to think the world's largest philanthropic organization sold its soul for bubkes.