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(byuˈbɒn ɪk, bu-)

1. of or pertaining to a bubo.
2. accompanied by or affected with buboes.
[1870–75; < Late Latin būbōn-]
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Adj.1.bubonic - of or evidencing buboes; "bubonic plague"


adj bubónico
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Then, steering a zigzag course, she fled from us as though we had been the bubonic plague.
The man who was immune to yellow fever was carried away by cholera; and if he were immune to that, too, the Black Death, which was the bubonic plague, swept him away.
Bubonic plague and small-pox were raging, while dysentery and pneumonia were reducing the population, and the railroad was raging worst of all.
Outbreaks of primary pneumonic plague and bubonic plague together with an associated epizootic among rats were documented.
After initial outbreak in August, Madagascar continued to see cases of both bubonic and pneumonic plague.
TOURISTS have been warned off Madagascar following an outbreak of pneumonic and bubonic plague that has killed 94.
He said that "is more serious than the bubonic plague and highly challenging to control".
They were believed to be bubonic plague victims but research led by a team from the Edinburgh City Council have dated them back to the 6th century.
The Duchess of Cornwall looked at the sodden article, which Murray had catapulted into the royal box after his win against Robin Haase, like it was a rat with bubonic plague.
She became severely ill while administering medicine to Gikondi residents who had contracted bubonic plague.