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(Clothing & Fashion) a variant spelling of boubou


or bu•bu

(ˈbu bu)

n., pl. -bous or -bus.
a long, loose-fitting, brightly colored garment worn by both sexes in parts of Africa.
[1960–65; < French < Malinke bubu]
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Taniela did his best to help his friend back along the beach, and fortunately, Bubu (grandmother) Wini was sitting outside her bure, and was able immediately to prepare an antidote from the duva vine in her garden.
Instead it was Reading who scored three times to snatch an unlikely bubu bu but vital three points.
ys tP ul N dayay butbtP ul ulul rid but PauPaul Fid ys,ys, s, bu P Fr daday, bt Pt P Fr dayay ut Pau Fridid bubu F y icholls could just chol uld hohol haeaverysmartrt c hae mar a very veveveryry ave ery smasm rc he ave marc h a vry sy sm rt c avave a artrt hahae yma hav a y haser on his hands serser s inininin in (3 (3.
taeniopygus from the Wembere, Malagarasi, and Bubu River basins and the Lakes Victoria and Rukwa drainages systems; and at least two undescribed species: N.
The spokesperson for Joburg's housing department, Bubu Xuba, said Bovu not only restored dignity to the elderly women, "but the dignity of their children and grandchildren who now have a place to call home".
Led by Halifax-born-and-bred pianist Robin Harris and featuring Paris born Tiffany Schellenberg, they're joined by Jihad Darwish (double bass), Bubu and Saleem Raman (drums, chopsticks), Henry Bowers-Broadbent, of Indie-band Kula Shaker, and the incomparable Ian Bailey on sax.
Bubu, as he is internationally known, is arguably the third most famous bear in the world, next to Yogi and Smokey.
Gaqo Bushaka returned to the fiction of a personified protagonist in a fairy tale novel The Film of Cufo, the General and Cufoja dhe Bubu Cacurrel (Cufo and Bubi the Curly).
the opera Bubu from Montparnasse, 1927), and of course Bohuslav Martinu, whose ballet and suite La revue de cuisine (1928) perfectly conjures up the atmosphere of the time of its creation (1927), even simply in the title.
On top was the bubu or large conch shell of the type used only by chiefs when they have a need to summon their people.
Bubu are staked cylindrical fish traps woven from rattan that range from 2 to 5 m in length and are typically about 1 m in diameter.
Plus there's acrobatics and juggling provided by Yu Yin from The Chinese State Circus and Bubu Endresz - you will not be able to take your eyes off the parasol act