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Of or relating to the cheeks or the mouth cavity.

[From Latin bucca, cheek.]

buc′cal·ly adv.
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(Anatomy) from the point of view of the cheek or mouth
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A total of four points was taken for each tooth; two buccally (MB-mesiobucally, DB-distobucally) and two lingually (Mesiolingually-ML, distobucally-DL).
Misoprostol is administered sublingualis buccally, or rectally, and methylergonovine is administered by intramuscular injection.
Combination to the above-described impaction, the tooth can also be buccally or lingually impacted.
Its rationale is similar to that of simple tooth extraction in which we repeatedly rock the tooth buccally and lingually until the tooth is "disarticulated" out of the alveolar socket (12).
The tooth was painful on percussion and palpation, reporting pain during mastication; there was also one deep probing of 7 mm, extending beyond the physiological 2-3 mm depth and a fracture line of the mesial root localized buccally (Fig.
Nevertheless, given time and space this tooth will usually erupt in the oral cavity.7 Insufficient space in the upper arch for the eruption of the maxillary canine may result in a tooth erupting buccally or its impaction.2,7
This study is designed to show if 2% lidocaine hydrochloride with 1:100,000 epinephrine given only buccally could produce effective palatal anaesthesia in maxillary teeth for removal.
Positioning of the tooth much buccally or lingually (anterior cross bite) can also induce food impaction.
Rapid Maxillary Expansion (RME) increases the transverse dimension of the upper arch by separating the two maxillary halves and, in addition, the posterior teeth and alveolar processes move buccally. (1) The force for mid-palatal splitting is delivered by the activation of the expansion screw.
The fracture fragment was displaced downwards & buccally leading to anterior open bite.
(3) Between the mandibular 1st molar and 2nd premolar buccally (Fig.15) (8)