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Noun1.buccula - a fold of fatty tissue under the chinbuccula - a fold of fatty tissue under the chin
chin, mentum - the protruding part of the lower jaw
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Asynchronous and synchronous spawning by smalleye shiner Notropis buccula from the Brazos River, Texas.
While, Durham and Wilde [31] showed that the combination of asynchronous and synchronous spawning by using three patterns or methods commonly used to assess reproductive ecology which are oocyte development, gonadosomatic index and oocyte size distribution for pelagic broadcast-spawning cyprinids, smalleye shiner, Notropis buccula in North American Great.
Among the Reduviidae subfamilies, Phimophorinae can be distinguished by the following combination of characters: presence of waxy secretions on the cuticle; body depressed; antennae inserted at the apex of head, distal flagellomere reduced; antenniferous tubercles plate-like, covering the insertions of the antennae; buccula present; prosternal sulcus with lateral shield-like structures; and bisegmented tarsus (Usinger and Wygodzinsky 1964).
Digestive tract contents from 486 smalleye shiner Notropis buccula and 475 sharpnose shiner N.
Theraneis is distributed in southern Central America and throughout most of South America excepting the southern extreme, and is characterized by having the eyes protruding, and semi-pedunculate, the buccula apically triangular, and the pronotal disk clearly bilobed, with the anterolateral maring not carinate.
The cyprinid species Hybognathus placitus and Notropis buccula, which were abundant in pre-impoundment collections, have become extirpated, or nearly so, since the river was impounded.
DIAGNOSIS: Distinguished by the dull black body; head reddish with eyes, antennae, maxillary plate, apex of buccula, labium, and a mark on frons black; ventral sides of collar, xyphus, propleura (partially), and middle area of hind femora reddish; first and second sterna of abdomen partially reddish.