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 (bo͞o′ko͞o, byo͞o′kyo͞o)
Any of various southern African shrubs of the genus Agathosma, especially A. betulina and A. crenulata, whose leaves are used as a mild diuretic and also yield an aromatic oil used for flavoring.

[Afrikaans boegoe, probably from Zulu bucu, perhaps ultimately of Khoikhoi origin.]
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(Plants) any of several S African rutaceous shrubs of the genus Barosma, esp B. betulina, whose leaves are used as an antiseptic and diuretic
[C18: from a South African Bantu name]
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"Try Sozodont;" "Buy Sun Stove Polish;" "Helmbold's Buchu;" "Try Benzaline for the Blood."
Balance Facial Treatment uses products with Buchu leaf extract, charcoal and willow bark to deep clean and refines pores in the T-Zone area, while rice milk, shea butter will deeply moisturize the dry areas.
[USPRwire, Wed Oct 17 2018] Buchu essential oil is derived from the Agothosma betulina it is from the Rutaceae family.
The botanicals include Wild Rosemary, Confetti Bush, Citrus Buchu and African Wormwood, creating a distinct African dry gin.
Potency has many manifestations, including certain large game animals, rain, thunder, lightning, meteors, finger pointing and snapping, whirlwinds, burning horn, aromatic herbs (buchu), scent, honey, fire, dancing, music, rock paintings, and so forth (Biesele 1996: 142).
Buchu, the small-leafed bush traditionally used by the Khoikhoi as a cure-all tea, is now enjoying a renewed appreciation for its aromatic properties which Tempelhoff describes as eucalyptus and blackcurrant.
Christopher Low provides another example, examining how Europeans appropriated and transformed buchu (used by the Khoisan people of southern Africa), while often failing to understand indigenous perspectives on this medicinal plant.
From there he also derives the deodorising habit of sprinkling ground buchu in the armpits, which Outa Karel had maintained was a Hottentot custom.
The 'Hottentots expressed so much faith in Boekoe-azyn (Buchu vinegar) that 'I allowed it to be used to cleanse the wound.
Beautifully boxed, it contains a clear travel bag; a Re-charge Black Pepper Bodywash - 100ml; a Cool Buchu Bodywash - 100ml; a Deep-clean Mineral Ions Facewash - 30ml; Conditioning Olibanum Supershave - 30ml; an Ultra Light Bai Ji Hydrator - 30ml; one Protecting Vitamin Lipsaver - 7ml, and a Cool Buchu Eau de Toilette - 5ml.