buck for

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w>buck for

vi +prep obj (US inf) to buck for promotionmit aller Gewalt or auf Teufel komm raus (inf)befördert werden wollen
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“I will just get the shot extracted, and bring you up to-night a quarter of the buck for the Christmas dinner.”
Still, Robert looked for that buck for several days but found no sign of it and concluded it survived.
Early on we saw a couple of nice bucks, and I saw that gorgeous young double-drop buck for the second time.
Chasing just one buck for an entire season--or multiple seasons--is a very challenging undertaking that can bring even the best bowhunter to the end of his or her rope.
Now, since Richard has MY buck on his wall, maybe he'll find an even bigger buck for me next year?
Regardless of what area of the country you live in, you can easily set a goal to tag a buck one year older than the "average" buck for your area.
Whitetails expect the same, and an in-your-face meeting without even a flick of a tail could wire a buck for a string-jumping encounter.
"One year, on the last day of the season I could hunt, I tracked a buck for four hours just by keeping an eye on the length of the stride between dimples, which happened to be only 23 inches," Glidden says.
Do you get a lot of pictures of the buck for several days and then it seems to disappear?