buck off

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w>buck off

vt sep riderabwerfen
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His parents, John and Sally told Channel 4 News Javid had "passed the buck off to the Canadians".
This means the Betsy Ross shoes were sold before they were yanked and now some of their new owners are making a fast buck off the shoe's sudden notoriety.
Not only is the sportsfest a chance to buck off stress and perform for respective sporting events, but also an opportunity to develop better relationships among employees.
If I had only run my cameras during the end of September and first part of October, I probably would have written that buck off as being unkillable.
His solution was to knock a buck off the usual price for a 12-inch sandwich -- hence $5.
However, I had the good fortune of sharing a stand with my friend Dave Klutts as he arrowed the first big buck off the farm.
This is still one terrific senior discount, far better than a free cup of coffee or a buck off your burrito.
Make a quick buck off the public then take it down.
I thought about using my doe bleat, but figured there was no way I'd call a buck off a doe in that situation.
Some sneakerheads undoubtedly wanted to wear the heavily-hyped PS130 shoes - a summer "must-have" - but others admitted they hoped to make a quick buck off them.