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Noun1.buck private - an enlisted man of the lowest rank in the Army or Marinesbuck private - an enlisted man of the lowest rank in the Army or Marines; "our prisoner was just a private and knew nothing of value"
enlisted man - a male enlisted person in the armed forces
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I figured the Army was coming to get me, and I was just killing time till I had to go be a buck private in the military somewhere.
He joined the Canadian military at the age of 17 as an aircraftman 2nd class, the RCAF equivalent of a buck private.
When World War II erupted, he served as a buck private in Oriental Misamis in Mindanao.
Stan Gibbon was no Clark Gable and now was just a buck private, right at the bottom of the pile.
The comments would be bad enough from a buck private. From a three-star general whose job includes gathering information for the campaign against Islamic radicals, they are unforgivable.
As for Krebs's rank, the rate of attrition within the Second Division indeed necessitated the swift promotion of men whose chief qualification (beyond at least some indication of leadership potential) was survival; however, as rosters for the A.E.F's most bloodied divisions demonstrate, not every experienced soldier sought promotion or received it.(4) Moreover, Krebs's rank, while humble, is still two notches above buck Private: before becoming eligible for promotion to Corporal, a soldier during this period (whether serving in the Army or the Marines) would first have to attain the rank of Private First Class, a grade that most doughboys never reached.
Drafted as a buck private, worked his way up to executive assistant adjutant general of 1st Air Division in England.
3 BUCK PRIVATES (1941) ABBOTT and Costello's first major film outing saw the American comedy duo enlisting in the army to avoid jail.
Over the course of their film career, they were Buck Privates; "met" Frankenstein, the Invisible Man, Captain Kidd, and Dr.
Moreover, he often baited others to do the same, such as perennial comic bruiser Nat Pendleton, who played their sergeant in both "Buck Privates" (1941) and "Buck Privates Come Home" (1947).
But the FBI found few pictures more insidiously Marxist than Universal's Buck Privates Come Home (1947).