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n. Informal
The shifting of responsibility or blame to another: "smothered in avalanches of recriminations and orgies of buck-passing" (Forbes).

[buck (from a poker player's passing the marker, or buck, to the next player when not wanting to deal).]

buck′-pass′er n.
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However, his attitude of repeating with his head held high that he did not know of the existence of the money provided for him itself proves he is a buck-passer.
Note that the Conceptual Link thesis is readily available to buck-passing versions BP-2 and BP-3 (15) (and, as the quotation above shows, Scanlon himself appears to subscribe to it), except that the buck-passer denies that it applies to the most general property of being good or being of value itself.
Thus far, the buck-passer of the BP-2 variety can agree (I hope).
One buck-passer from Sheffield even tried to blame his dog, by saying the television was only on for the benefit of his pet and that he never watched it.
I voiced my fears when manager Kevin Keegan brought this serial buck-passer into the same team as Nicolas Anelka.
But mostly I love the fact that ordinary people are over-riding corporate buck-passers and setting up their own CCTV to catch the lowest of the low: care workers who steal from pensioners' purses or attack defenceless, mentally ill patients out of sadistic malice.
Moreover, Brewer argues that naturalistic buck-passers (like Scanlon) give an uninformative account of ethical attitudes like admiration and respect, which also require irreducible reference the agent's "seamless" evaluative apprehension.
Finally, Brewer contends that buck-passers cannot distinguish apparently real phenomenological differences in evaluative impressions like the majestic, debauched, courageous and stingy.
Brentano and the Buck-Passers, SVEN DANIELSSON and JONAS OLSON
It couldn't happen to a nicer shower of buck-passers.
The point is, with some notable exceptions, many managers are prize buck-passers who would knife their granny to save their own skins.
On the whole, our troops in Iraq are lions, led by cowards, buck-passers, cynical opportunists and liars into the most shameless war a British prime minister has ever sanctioned.