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n. Informal
The shifting of responsibility or blame to another: "smothered in avalanches of recriminations and orgies of buck-passing" (Forbes).

[buck (from a poker player's passing the marker, or buck, to the next player when not wanting to deal).]

buck′-pass′er n.
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This has complicated the search, as the two services, which fall under the Interior ministry, engage in buck-passing, complicating the issuing of orders to recapture the remandees.
"All too often, these people run up against a wall of indifference or deliberate buck-passing from officialdom.
The presidential candidate of the main opposition party in the last election also reminded the president that the buck stops on his table, and therefore no amount of buck-passing would absolve his responsibility.
But the buck-passing of responsibility and lack of enforcement means the dangerous practices continue unabated.
There had been miscues, misinterpretations, buck-passing. Pangilinan, popularly known as MVP, quietly owned up to the whole mess.
As far as I'm concerned it's another example of playing the blame game and buck-passing.
The messy complexities of drone warfare trigger command decisions, moral crises, collateral damage and cover-your-backside buck-passing in "Eye in the Sky," a rivetingly suspenseful drama that deftly intertwines elements of ticking-clock thriller and tragic farce.
We haven't got the time or energy to discuss the scheming, buck-passing, misleading and plain ignorance that has got FIFA in this mess in the first place.
Yang Zhanqing, who has worked for a non-governmental organization in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, for the past four years, said he has witnessed progress in information disclosure but he still feels frustrated by buck-passing by some government departments.
It's time to end the buck-passing and blame game, where college leaders blame high schools for sending ill-prepared students, high school principals blame the elementary schools, elementary school principals blame the preschool programs, and preschool teachers blame the parents.
The second part includes vigilance, procrastination, hypervigilance and buck-passing decision-making styles and is composed of 22 items (Deniz, 2004).