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A four-wheeled open carriage with the seat or seats attached to a flexible board running between the front and rear axles.

[Obsolete buck, body of a wagon (from Middle English bouk, belly, from Old English būc) + board.]
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(Horse Training, Riding & Manège) US and Canadian an open four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage with the seat attached to a flexible board between the front and rear axles
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(ˈbʌkˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd)

a light, four-wheeled carriage in which a long elastic board or lattice frame is used in place of body and springs.
[1830–40, Amer.]
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A light wagon constructed by connecting the front and rear axles with a light framework of thin hickory slats so that a seat mounted on the slats was somewhat isolated from the bumps in the road. The buckboard is commonly associated with the wide-open spaces of the West, but an 1899 encyclopedia says that it “was born of necessity in the sparsely settled hilly regions of New England and the Middle States, when money was scarce and roads bad."
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Noun1.Buckboard - an open horse-drawn carriage with four wheelsbuckboard - an open horse-drawn carriage with four wheels; has a seat attached to a flexible board between the two axles
carriage, equipage, rig - a vehicle with wheels drawn by one or more horses
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n (US) → (einfache, offene) Kutsche
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All he had retained for himself was a span of old horses, a mountain buckboard, and his one room in the crowded house.
Increasing sophistication has transformed the original Jeep from a boulder-bashing and buckboard riding go-anywhere vehicle to a much more civilized car.
Buckboard seats were added to the bed and a canvas top was fitted to it, much like a Conestoga wagon.
Finally, with the aid of the hotel proprietor, we got an Indian cayuse from some Indians and rustled an old buckboard and an old set of harness, both of which we had to repair.
Blazing a trail in a buckboard and hauling a pine coffin intended for Cabot, Chance Sonnet is a man haunted by the past and facing a future steeped in blood.
For Dewey Dell, town signifies as a means to terminate--or "negative"--an unwanted pregnancy; seeking an abortifacient, she has to settle for bananas to munch on the buckboard. Excepting Addie, who is too dead to consume, and Darl, who is too "mad" to, Jewel is the only Bundren not dazzled by the "new enchantment" of commodity culture (Leach 100).
(3) Like in Far North where Bertrum, for all his desire to be avenged (Shepard [1988] 1993, 57), is eventually incapable of shooting Mel--the old horse that caused him to fall off his buckboard and end up in hospital--in Kicking a Dead Horse, Hobart Struther also demonstrates that, in his own words, he is not that callous, and "can't just leave [the horse] out here to rot in the ragged wind.
Type Species--Postcopemys repenningi Lindsay and Czaplewski, 2011, MNA locality 701, Buckboard Wash, Verde Fm., Yavapai County, Arizona.
He would travel in a buckboard wagon, and if it was a long trip he would demand to be fed before he saw the patient.
A large number of rickshaw and buckboard owners and kiosks, stalls have encroached the footpaths and roadside in various areas of Sukkur including Station Road, Barrage Road, Minara Road, Ghareeb Abad, Shikarpur Road, Bandar Road.
As the father and son were riding in a buckboard one blistering summer day, the son complained about the sweltering weather.