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n. pl. buck·oes or buck·os
1. A blustering or bossy person.
2. Irish A young man; a lad.

[Alteration of buck.]


n, pl -oes
Irish a lively young fellow: often a term of address


(ˈbʌk oʊ)

n., pl. buck•oes.
1. Irish Eng. young fellow; chap.
2. Brit. Slang. a swaggering fellow.
References in classic literature ?
Worse, a myriad times, he decided, were these bullying lawyers and this bullying judge then the bucko mates in first quality hell-ships, who not only did their own bullying but protected themselves as well.
He had been third around the opening bend behind Buckos Dream and Good News but flew down the far side where he went past Good News and then challenged Buckos Dream on the run-in.
Still, Wheeling (5-11) hung around and even got within 5 (at 37-32) on 2 of senior Phil Buckos game-high 22 points from a Kim feed with 1:17 left in the third quarter.
THE buckos who moved the Web Summit from dreary Dublin to sunny Lisbon must have been laughing up their sleeves on Wednesday.
The Tipperary Town trainer is building up a strong team and, apart from Skywalker Rafa, also has Skywalker Tuco and last year's Irish Derby finalist Buckos Dream in his care.
BazzaRyan: "I'm sorry but what the foook is going on with Buckos hair" - Barry Ryan on Saints gaffer's quiff.
He didn't fly out but was level with Good News and Buckos Dream as they passed the stands.
The eight greyhounds nominated for the GBGB-sponsored are: Buckos Lass, successful in the Ladbrokes Summer Stayers at Monmore; Droopys Buick, winner of the Ladbrokes Gold Cup at Monmore; Geelo Sapphire, who landed Towcester's Lowther Stakes; Peterborough Derby winner Hiya Butt; Monmore Trafalgar Cup winner King Elvis; Murrys Act, who landed Romford's Champion Stakes; Shaneboy Freddie, winner of the Sussex Cup at Hove, and Wildfire Lord, who raced away with Nottingham's Puppy Classic.
15 is a fascinating contest with the vote going to Corren Price's BUCKOS LASS on the basis that she can show her rivals a clean pair of heels from the off.