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A woodcutting saw, usually set in an H-shaped frame.

[From buck.]


(Tools) a woodcutting saw having its blade set in a frame and tensioned by a turnbuckle across the back of the frame



a saw having a blade set across an upright frame or bow, used with both hands in cutting wood on a sawhorse.
[1855–60, Amer.]
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Noun1.bucksaw - a saw that is set in a frame in the shape of an H; used with both hands to cut wood that is held in a sawbuck
saw - hand tool having a toothed blade for cutting


[ˈbʌksɔː] Nsierra f de arco


nHandsäge f
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In addition, working tools, such as planes, mallets, bucksaw frames, and handles for sundry items such as chisels, hammers, malls, and prongs, all were made of wood.
The Negro scrawls the language of the birds, dreams of bold rivers and molten crowns, your blue field peopled with bucksaw and bur-heads, your hedges razed with pickaninny, starved black-eyed Susans.
Mortiz and Mehrtens also toured of the area, during which Moritz said that he wanted Bucksaw to have coverage for loss of business income and for everything to be covered from flood damage.
The projects themselves range from benches, crates, ammunition boxes, and a folding camp table, to a bucksaw, folding camp stool, and an officer's field desk.
For decades, my family has used a simple homemade bucksaw to cut green logs and brush.
The majority of bucking operations in the central Appalachian region use a bucksaw with standards designating specific lengths.
2) Paul LaForte, left, and Tommy Pruitt, both of Charlton, take part in the two-man bucksaw competition at the fair.
The three of us treat school as a job," said Piton, a former bucksaw operator.
Backbone, Crosshairs, and Downed, however, all drawn from a book about deer hunting, seem fixated on communicating content (BREASTBONE, 99 BUCKSAW, 129 BULLET ACTION, 37-8, reads part of Backbone).
teams, snowshoes, Many skill were taught through the oral tradition and learned through dreams * land tenure and management system divided land in quarters and routated use * knives, hide sinew, wood * bone needles, twine * snowshoes, dog teams, canoe * axe, bucksaw, gas- powered saw * tent, logs * techiques learned from HOUSEHOLD Hurons, seed potatoes from HBC * scrapers, knives, hides stretched on frames and hoops * roots of tamarack, spruce, reeds * maple, pine, ash, ironwood * white ash * birch bark, elm bark, canvas, balsam gum * canvas, birch bark, basswood, fiber, logs * needles, twine * mouse, deerhide, groundhog, beaver * oak/maple (black, alder (red) [Part 3 of 4] Figure 3.
I've been cutting firewood using a bucksaw or bow saw for most of my 80 years on planet Earth.