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1. Any of various shrubs or small trees of the genera Rhamnus and Frangula, including several ornamentals, medicinal species such as the cascara buckthorn, and the invasive species R. cathartica.
2. See bumelia.

[Translation of New Latin cervī spīna : cervī, genitive of cervus, deer, buck + spīna, thorn.]
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(Plants) any of several thorny small-flowered shrubs of the genus Rhamnus, esp the Eurasian species R. cathartica, whose berries were formerly used as a purgative: family Rhamnaceae. See also sea buckthorn
[C16: from buck1 (from the spiny branches, imagined as resembling antlers) + thorn]
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1. any of several often thorny trees or shrubs of the genus Rhamnus, of the buckthorn family.
2. a thorny tree, Bumelialycioides, of the sapodilla family, common in the southern U.S., having large clusters of white flowers.
[1570–80; translation of New Latin cervi spina]
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Noun1.buckthorn - a shrub or shrubby tree of the genus Rhamnusbuckthorn - a shrub or shrubby tree of the genus Rhamnus; fruits are source of yellow dyes or pigments
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
genus Rhamnus, Rhamnus - type genus of the Rhamnaceae: buckthorns
buckthorn berry, yellow berry - fruit of various buckthorns yielding dyes or pigments
bearberry, bearwood, cascara buckthorn, chittamwood, chittimwood, Rhamnus purshianus - shrubby tree of the Pacific coast of the United States; yields cascara sagrada
Carolina buckthorn, indian cherry, Rhamnus carolinianus - deciduous shrub of eastern and central United States having black berrylike fruit; golden-yellow in autumn
California buckthorn, California coffee, coffeeberry, Rhamnus californicus - evergreen shrub of western United States bearing small red or black fruits
alder buckthorn, alder dogwood, Rhamnus frangula - small tree common in Europe
redberry, red-berry, Rhamnus croceus - small spiny evergreen shrub of western United States and Mexico with minute flowers and bright red berries
2.buckthorn - any shrub or small tree of the genus Bumelia
Bumelia, genus Bumelia - deciduous or evergreen American shrubs small trees having very hard wood and milky latex
Bumelia lycioides, shittim, southern buckthorn, shittimwood, mock orange - shrubby thorny deciduous tree of southeastern United States with white flowers and small black drupaceous fruit
black haw, Bumelia lanuginosa, false buckthorn, shittimwood, chittamwood, chittimwood - deciduous tree of southeastern United States and Mexico
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
3.buckthorn - an Old World plantain with long narrow ribbed leaves widely established in temperate regionsbuckthorn - an Old World plantain with long narrow ribbed leaves widely established in temperate regions
plantain - any of numerous plants of the genus Plantago; mostly small roadside or dooryard weeds with elliptic leaves and small spikes of very small flowers; seeds of some used medicinally
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[ˈbʌkθɔːn] Nespino m cerval
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I gave him a dose of syrup of buckthorn, and put him on a diet of pot-liquor and vegetables till further orders.
Roughly 40 goats will spend the next five to seven days outside a retirement community in Downers Grove doing what goats do: Munching on unwanted buckthorn on about a one-acre site.
The program envisages testing potatoes, carrots, honey, highbush blueberries, onions, cranberries, cherries, sea buckthorn, cabbages, cauliflowers, canola, strawberries, apples, wheat, barley and buckwheat for a total of 149 pesticide residues.
On the service side, the energy specialist private equity funds continue to drive activity with Blue Water Energy, Buckthorn Partners and SCF Partners all active on the deal front throughout Q2 2019.
Angela Langford Bloom & Grow Face Oil is packed with active botanicals such as chia and rose hip, which will heal and repair, while chamomile calms and sea buckthorn promotes cell regeneration.
In addition to the partnership in the field of ICT, the delegation is also looking for expanded agricultural trade, including the nutritious sea buckthorn. President of Mongolian National Association of Fruits and Berries Nasanjargal Darjaa said at the event that he is hoping Taiwanese consumers will be able to enjoy more sea buckthorn products one day.
A new placebo-controlled study suggests that one natural remedy, topical sea buckthorn extract, may provide an effective and low-risk alternative to traditional medications.
To find out, ConsumerLab, White Plains, NY, tested 28 popular fish and marine oil supplements (made from fish oil, krill oil, algal oil, calamari oil, and sea buckthorn oil) for EPA and DHA, as well as DPA and omega-7s and for contaminants such as lead, mercury, cadmium, or arsenic.
RosehipPLUS Organic Daily Cream Cleanser, PS19 An Australian import with organic rosehip oil, jojoba and sea buckthorn essential oils, suitable for blemished and supersensitive skin.
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