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Noun1.buckthorn berry - fruit of various buckthorns yielding dyes or pigmentsbuckthorn berry - fruit of various buckthorns yielding dyes or pigments
fruit - the ripened reproductive body of a seed plant
buckthorn - a shrub or shrubby tree of the genus Rhamnus; fruits are source of yellow dyes or pigments
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Oils with wild sea buckthorn berry, rosehip seed, and rosa damascene contain elusive skin perfecting powers.
Formulated for mature skin types, it calls on the plant powers of calendula, sea buckthorn berry, pomegranate, and more.
Ray, "Potential cardiovascular implications of Sea Buckthorn berry consumption in humans," International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, vol.
It contains Sea Buckthorn Berry, a powerful anti-irritant and antioxidant, and a cocktail of super mushrooms: Chaga Mushroom (as an anti-inflammatory), Cordyceps Mushroom (to protect skin), and Reishi Mushroom (for calming skin).
Consumers can get an extra boost this spring with the powerful sea buckthorn berry and Sibu Seven supplements--which are popular at stores like Whole Foods and Vitamin Shoppe.
Developed to target irritation and boost cellular energy, this cream is packed with miracle worker products like sea buckthorn berry and a trio of mushrooms, perfect if skin needs to battle heat and hard work.
These bio-botanical products work to hydrate, soothe and repair dry and mature skin with key ingredients like Iris Florentine, Co-enzyme Q10, Phytessence wakame extract, aloe vera extract , avocado, camelina, jojoba, hempseed and safflower oils, essential oils of rosehip seed, sea buckthorn berry, calendula, and the most recommended application of hyaluronic acid.
50 With buckthorn berry oil to protect against moisture loss, this cooling fizz crackles on contact with the skin.
Sibu Beauty's sea buckthorn berry formulation appealed to the American desire to do more with less by delivering on the superfruit's high antioxidant promise.
Salmon and haddock are cured in the traditional Nordic method, and are offered with two compotes made from sea buckthorn berry and carrot, and green tomato and horse-radish.