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A prominent, projecting upper front tooth.

[buck + tooth.]

buck′toothed′ (-to͞otht′) adj.


n, pl -teeth
derogatory a projecting upper front tooth
[C18: from buck1 (deer) + tooth]
ˈbuck-toothed adj



n., pl. -teeth (-ˈtiθ)
a projecting tooth, esp. an upper front tooth.
buck′toothed`, adj.
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Noun1.bucktooth - a large projecting front toothbucktooth - a large projecting front tooth  
anterior, front tooth - a tooth situated at the front of the mouth; "his malocclusion was caused by malposed anteriors"


n (pl -teeth) diente salido
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Daniel Daigle of Southbridge - dressed up as the beloved bespectacled, bucktooth bunny - shuffled back and forth to kill some time.
I lost the back end of a couple DOA's, but stuck two of the bucktooth thieves, along with a couple of lizardfish.
Brent Bucktooth, Jeremy Thompson, Sid Smith and Cody Jameison had each achieved All-American recognition at Syracuse University in the last fifteen years.
After back-to-back silver-medal finishes at the two previous world tournaments, Bucktooth believes the Iroquois Nationals can do even better this time around.
For example, Munoz and Warner (2003, 2004) observed that, upon removal of the dominant male, the largest female in a harem of the protogynous (female first) bucktooth parrotfish, Sparisoma radians, deferred sex change to smaller females when her reproductive output was greater than the combined output of all other females in the mating group (size-fecundity skew) and elevated competition intensity from bachelor males prevailed.
For simple tasks, the clamps need not be articulated: simple bucktooth cleats, with finger-tightened knurled- nuts similar to those shown Figure 2, could offer clearance and size options to suit the task.
The team's coaching staff will also include Dave General (Six Nations), Freeman Bucktooth (Onondaga), Barry Powless (Onondaga), Ron Henry (Tuscarora) and Randy Chrysler (Tuscarora).
2m salary when he takes his bucktooth secret agent back to cinemas in a film due to be released in America next summer.
Onondaga is coached by Freeman Bucktooth, who was also one of the bench bosses for the NLL's Syracuse Smash this past season.
Sperm allocation, sperm production and fertilization rates in the bucktooth parrotfish.
Bucktooth collected six points in the all-star tilt, including three goals.