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1. The opening of a dormant bud, when the shoot begins to grow.
2. The time or season of such growth.
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The nutrient budgets of the treatment groups, valid for the 1st mo after budbreak, were constructed by combining data of shoot, stem, and root allocation patterns of biomass and nutrients in the defoliated, de-budded, and control plants.
The year 2008 began promisingly, as budbreak started mid-March in the early locations.
In Indiana, "Nitrogen is applied in spring about two to four weeks after budbreak.
But the question remains: how much rain will fall before budbreak in 2003?
Pat Bowen, Pacific Agri-Food Research Center, Canada, Solar Energy Trapping with Polyethylene Sleeves Advances Budbreak, Veraison and Fruit Maturity in Three Merlot Vineyards in the Okanagon Valley.
On the single vineyard labels, for example, the sun is represented by a green orb in turn surrounded by 24 golden dots that signify the 24 months necessary for the creation of wines-from budbreak on through harvesting, aging and bottling.
Hydrogen cyanamide accelerates vegetative budbreak and shortens fruit development period of blueberry.
Table 1 provides estimates of tolerance to saturation for some common tree and vine crops before and after budbreak compiled through a survey of UC ANR Cooperative Extension (UCCE) commodity experts.
As a result, the first two sprays after budbreak are wettable sulfur and then mineral oil is applied along with fungicides.