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 (bŭd′lē-ə, bŭd-lē′ə)
[New Latin, after Adam Buddle (died 1715), British botanist.]


(Plants) any ornamental shrub of the genus Buddleia, esp B. davidii, which has long spikes of mauve flowers and is frequently visited by butterflies: family Buddleiaceae. Also called: butterfly bush
[C19: named after A. Buddle (died 1715), British botanist]


(bʌdˈli ə, ˈbʌd li ə)

n., pl. -ias.
any tropical shrub of the genus Buddleia, of the logania family, having lance-shaped leaves and clusters of showy flowers. Also called butterfly bush.
[< New Latin (Linnaeus), after Adam Buddle (d. 1715), English botanist; see -ia]
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Noun1.buddleia - tropical shrub having clusters of white or violet or yellow flowers
genus Buddleia - shrubs or trees of warm regions
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems


[ˈbʌdlɪə] Nbudleia f
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And as for poor buddleias, well, DEFRA says they are doing harm, sprouting out of buildings, choking up our railway system.
- Mrs L Rogers, Swansea CAROL: Buddleias are almost indestructible.
Now, the latest development is a new series of dwarf patio buddleias called Buzz, coming in four colours - ivory, lavender, magenta and sky blue.
We can offer two buddleias (butterfly bushes), including the dark maroon Black Knight and the stunning Royal Red.
Cut back deciduous ceanothus, buddleias, lavatera and caryopteris quite drastically.
Buddleias, marigolds, zinnias, annual salvias, and verbenas are a few plants that are especially receptive to deadheading and will continue blooming late in the season.
With a display of red roses, buddleias, fuchsias and a Scottish thistle, Camilla delighted locals by taking part in the garden flowers in a bowl section.
Buddleias will then make six or eight feet of new growth, with the flowers on the ends of the shoots, during late summer.
BEAUTIFUL BUDDLEIAS (Buddlejas) are in all their glory this month and whether you love or loathe them, they are undoubtedly adored by the bees and butterflies (hence being known as the Butterfly Bush).
Prune back buddleias and tall shrubs to prevent wind rock damage ?
This may be because of insufficient pruning, but in fact buddleias are really easy to grow in any reasonable garden soil which is well drained.
Cut back deciduous ceanothus, buddleias (pictured), lavatera and caryopteris quite drastically.