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Adj.1.buff-brown - of brown tinged with buff
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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There's a lanyard hole in the base and knife comes with a handsome buff-brown belt sheath.
The female lacks the rose pink, but Jonsson argues she is even more attractive: "The pastel-like buff-brown of the belly reminds me of a colour chart for warm brown lipstick or eye shadow," he writes and he waxes on lyrically, but it is not for me to expand here as the Bullfinch has never been recorded in Egypt and I do not want to tease.
These bottle-shaped fruits have buff-brown rinds and will store for six months or longer.
The cloves are streaked and lined on a buff-brown background.
Fine light buff-brown fabric (7.5YR 7/4) with many inclusions; pink near surface, which is creamy buff.
nAdults are pinky buff-brown and juveniles greyish in colour.
Bitterns are a buff-brown bird with a talent for camouflage and a call like a fog horn.
The female cardinal's overall color has been called buff-brown and yellowish-olive, but what you notice most are the touches of red that it does have, on its crest, tail, and wings.