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Adj.1.buff-coloured - having a buff color
coloured, colorful - having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination; "colored crepe paper"; "the film was in color"; "amber-colored heads of grain"
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His feet were effeminately small, and were clad in buff-coloured silk stockings, and little womanish bronze-leather slippers.
He pointed to the picture of the Madonna, the upper part of which represented the conventional cherubs of Italian Art, celestially provided with sitting accommodation for their chins, on balloons of buff-coloured cloud.
"The Moreau Horrors!" The phrase drifted loose in my mind for a moment, and then I saw it in red lettering on a little buff-coloured pamphlet, to read which made one shiver and creep.
They led Don Quixote into a room, and Sancho removed his armour, leaving him in loose Walloon breeches and chamois-leather doublet, all stained with the rust of his armour; his collar was a falling one of scholastic cut, without starch or lace, his buskins buff-coloured, and his shoes polished.
Hideous coloured diagrams of the ravages of hideous diseases decorated the barren buff-coloured walls.
The smoke-stack, buff-coloured underneath, was white with salt, while the whistle- pipe glittered crystalline in the random sunlight that broke for the instant through a cloud-rift.
A gentle scientific cleaning method was used to first dry clean and then wash Karachi's beautiful buff-coloured stone.
Four years ago he bought his first pair of Brecon Buffs, created in 1929 by his namesake, Rhys Llewellyn from Swansea, who noticed a buff-coloured goose among a large flock of geese while motoring in the Brecon Beacons.
The rear garden includes a buff-coloured patio, a lawn and border.
The brick is buff-coloured, gentler than the familiar inner city red brick.
Blue/green coloured paving slabs are manufactured from blockstone extracted at Appleton Quarry near Shepley, while buff-coloured paving slabs are f manufactured from blockstone extracted at Cromwell Quarry in Southowram, near Brighouse.
I sent the bairn to the corner shop, (that's me) as I wasn't feeling too grand," "I gave her a buff-coloured ration book, and said: "Keep tight a hold in your hand!" Aye, it was then we still had the ration books, which some folk found unfair.