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buff·er 1

1. One that buffs, especially a piece of soft leather or cloth used to shine or polish.
2. A buffing wheel.

buff·er 2

1. Something that lessens or absorbs the shock of an impact.
2. One that protects by intercepting or moderating adverse pressures or influences: "A sense of humor ... may have served as a buffer against the ... shocks of disappointment" (James Russell Lowell).
3. Something that separates potentially antagonistic entities, as an area between two rival powers that serves to lessen the danger of conflict.
4. Chemistry A solution that resists a change in acidity when an acid or base is added to it, or a substance that facilitates this resistance.
5. Computers A device or area used to store data temporarily.
tr.v. buff·ered, buff·er·ing, buff·ers
1. To act as a buffer for or between.
2. Chemistry To treat (a solution) with a buffer.
3. Computers To hold or collect (data) in a buffer.

[Probably from obsolete buff, to make a sound like a soft body being hit, of imitative origin.]


adj amortiguado
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It is dielectric and fully dry and has 900 um buffered fibres.
where B(t - 1) represents buffered data at time t - 1, T (t - 1) is the server sending rate at the time interval [t - 1, t], and the C(t - 1, t) is the amount of data stream consumed by receivers' playback at the time interval [t - 1, t].
Particle size distribution in the surface runoff changed through the buffers indicating that there was a selective process in which large particles are deposited prior to small particles and more than 90% of the sediment in the surface runoff from the buffered plots was in the < 0.
In earlier, buffered formulations of didanosine, administration with an antacid (buffer) provides protection from degradation by stomach acid.
IO-Lite achieves this goal by storing buffered I/O data in immutable buffers, whose locations in physical memory never change.
The randomly distributed animal submissions for each of the surrounding five counties are then displayed to see how many animals were submitted for testing from the buffered area (Figure 2d).
Enabling fully buffered dual in-line memory module (FB-DIMM) solutions, AMB devices help increase the speed and memory capacity of servers and workstations, resulting in improved data-processing capabilities.
Nasdaq:IDTI), a leading communications IC company, today announced that interoperability has been achieved between Fully Buffered Dual Inline Memory Modules (FB-DIMMs) that use both IDT and Intel Corporation's Advanced Memory Buffer (AMB) devices.