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buff 1

1. A soft, thick, undyed leather made chiefly from the skins of buffalo, elk, or oxen.
2. A military uniform coat made of such leather.
3. A pale, light, or moderate yellowish pink to yellow, including moderate orange-yellow to light yellowish brown.
4. A piece of soft material, such as velvet or leather, often mounted on a block and used for polishing.
1. Made or formed of buff: a buff jacket.
2. Of the color buff.
3. buff·er, buff·est Slang Having good muscle tone; physically fit and trim: buff athletes lifting weights at the gym.
tr.v. buffed, buff·ing, buffs
1. To polish or shine with a piece of soft material.
2. To soften the surface of (leather) by raising a nap.
3. To make the color of buff.
in the buff

[From obsolete buffle, buffalo, from French buffle, from Late Latin būfalus; see buffalo.]

buff 2

n. Informal
One who is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about a subject: a Civil War buff.

[From the buff-colored uniform worn by New York volunteer firemen in the 19th century, originally applied to an enthusiast of fires and firefighting.]
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Schaffner develops products for specialised applications including flap wheels, buffing wheels, and buffing compounds, serving a range of industries with annual sales of approximately USD 20m.
Add the labor cost, utilities, soap, buffing cloths, worker compensation and broken glasses while buffing, and it's a significant amount of money.
I normally use a buffing disk that attaches to a grinder, either way they will remove the mastic.
I didn't have a buffing disc, so I looked around the shop for an alternative.
Key statement: Improved apparatus and methods for collecting debris generated during a tire buffing operation on a tire buffing machine, the tire buffing machine having a cutting head cutting surface rotatable about a cutting head axis.
Simply stir the wax, brush it on in the direction of the wood grain and leave it for 10-20 minutes before buffing it off with a soft cloth.
Utilizing an electric or air powered tool, the user operates the pad in a rotary mode for initial buffing and removing dust nibs, light scratches, oxidation and "orange peel" Then the user pushes the button to switch to the random orbital mode for buffing to a swirl-free finish with no "haze" or "halo" effects.
The main reason has been the difficulty in the sanding and buffing of the clearcoat due to the difference in coatings properties of the refinish coatings and the OEM coating being repaired.
Another problem with wax is the amount of buffing required to get it looking good.