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n. pl. buf·fi (-fē) or buf·fos
A man who sings comic opera roles.

[Italian, from buffare, to puff, of imitative origin.]


(ˈbʊfəʊ; Italian ˈbuffo)
n, pl -fi (-fɪ) or -fos
1. (Music, other) (in Italian opera of the 18th century) a comic part, esp one for a bass
2. (Professions) Also called: buffo bass or basso buffo a bass singer who performs such a part
[C18: from Italian (adj): comic, from buffo (n) buffoon]


(ˈbu foʊ)

n., pl. -fi (-fē), -fos.
a male opera singer specializing in comic roles.
[1755–65; < Italian buffone buffoon]
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Mozart and his librettist Lorenzo da Ponte described the opera as a "dramma giocoso", a jolly drama - and you can see their point with a buffo servant, comic songs and outrageous deceptions, but, on the other hand, ladies suffering almightily from love and a supernatural visitor sending the main character to Hell.
6) The "wailing" associated with appoggiaturas suggests the maudlin effect that was exploited in a buffo style, as described by the Italian vocal teacher Giovanni Battista Mancini (1777), who, like others, restricts this ornament to lyric expressions (and implies a much slower tempo than customary today).
It inevitably resulted in four encore numbers: 'O Mio Babbino Caro' (from 'Gianni Schicchi'); a Korean folksong in which accompanied herself; a hilarious number; Rossini's 'Duetto Buffo di Due Gatti' ('Humorous Duet for Two Cats'), which she rendered with the guest tenor; and Schubert's 'Ave Maria' which put the audience in a very prayerful mood.
Fra gli altri lavori del Palazzeschi scelti da Perella bisogna menzionare almeno le novelle raccolte nei tre volumi: Il Re Bello (1921), Il palio dei buffi (1937) e II buffo integrale (1966).
When Fo staged the American premiere of his play Mistero Buffo at New York City's Joyce Theater in 1986, he performed the text himself in Italian.
Il quadro parlante (melodramma buffo, 1800, Palermo)
When in September 1774 the King's Theatre advertised for subscriptions to their new season with Antonio Sacchini in charge of the music, Signor Lovattini was to be prirno buffo, or first man, in the comic opera.
73), Dario Fo, in Mistero Buffo and other plays, offered political satire, to expose 'the pretensions and abuses of the powerful, both religious and secular' (p.
Abdullah bin Hamoud al-Harbi held a meeting here yesterday with the Ambassador of the Republic of Italy to the Kingdom Mario Buffo.
ROHM's Artistic Director, Umberto Fanni, commented: "This opera buffo by Gaetano Donizetti sparkles with fun and mischief.
But much of it is pure buffo Rossini; exuberant, inventive, and perfectly capable of following the words "My dearest love is dead" with a jaunty little twiddle for the woodwinds.
Back row: Patrick Whelan, Adam Tubman, Olivier Whelan, Matthew Buffo, Ries Scerbin, Isaac Niedzielski, Patrick O'Neil and David Buffo.