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Noun1.buggy whip - a horsewhip once used by a driver of a buggybuggy whip - a horsewhip once used by a driver of a buggy; "since buggies have been replaced by cars the buggy whip has become a symbol for anything that is hopelessly outmoded"
horsewhip - a whip for controlling horses
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While automobiles would have eventually clogged highways without the participation of Henry Ford, bicycle, buggy whip and carriage manufacturers would have enjoyed several more years of success had he been born with less grit and determination or chosen other industries to disrupt.
"Technology has altered the employment prospects of Americans since the automobile closed down buggy whip makers," said Waide.
Stalky Stuff: Options include the thin, wispy bulrush (aka "buggy whip"); sprawling stands of Kissimmee grass (ranging from crisp green to golden brown) and the lush, green maidencane resembling terrestrial grass.
Using primal metrics like ad spend to determine media reach and effectiveness can finally be laid to rest along with the buggy whip."
Like buggy whip makers, music stores, video rentals, and, soon, maybe even taxis, those businesses become extinct.
Securities attorney Jim Eccleston of Eccleston Law argues that "Firms catering to stock jocks are like buggy whip companies catering to horse and buggy drivers; nearly extinct.
Henry Ford's Model T put a lot of buggy whip makers out of business even though they were doing everything right.
Dale told him 'If you want to get into a business with the same growth potential as pipeline construction, I will buy you a buggy whip business.'
Additionally she was employed selling Avon, worked as a waitress at many local restaurants including Aunt Mary's, Mooskian's, and The Buggy Whip. She worked at the Sutton Drive-In and at Telechron, and as a substitute teacher in the Northbridge Elementary Schools.
Their next two projects are a buggy whip factory and a hoop skirt boutique.
Among other products, the company produced the John Morris Tool and a cane and buggy whip (patent no.
That's why when "impartial" reports come out about how you're going the way of the buggy whip, I feel like I've already sat through this part of the movie--more than just once.