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(byo͞o′glôs′, -glŏs′)
Any of several usually hairy Old World plants in the family Boraginaceae, especially in the genera Anchusa, Brunnera, and Echium, having blue or violet flowers.

[Middle English buglosse, plant of the genus Anchusa, from Middle French, from Late Latin būglōssa, from Greek bouglōsson, the plant Anchusa italica : bous, ox; see gwou- in the Appendix of Indo-European roots + glōssa, tongue (the plant being so called because its hairy leaves were thought to resemble the velvety tongues of cattle).]
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(Plants) any of various hairy Eurasian boraginaceous plants of the genera Anchusa, Lycopsis, and Echium, esp L. arvensis, having clusters of blue flowers. See also viper's bugloss
[C15: from Latin būglōssa, from Greek bouglōssos ox-tongued, from bōs ox + glōssa tongue]
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(ˈbyu glɒs, -glɔs)

any of various erect, bristly plants of the borage family, with small blue flowers, common in sandy soil and open fields.
[1350–1400; Middle English buglossa < Medieval Latin, for Latin būglōssos < Greek, =bou-, s. of boûs ox + -glōssos -tongued]
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Noun1.bugloss - perennial or biennial herb cultivated for its delicate usually blue flowersbugloss - perennial or biennial herb cultivated for its delicate usually blue flowers
anchusa - any of various Old World herbs of the genus Anchusa having one-sided clusters of trumpet-shaped flowers
2.bugloss - widespread European weed with spiny tongue-shaped leaves and yellow flowersbugloss - widespread European weed with spiny tongue-shaped leaves and yellow flowers; naturalized in United States
genus Picris, Picris - genus of weedy Old World yellow-flowered herbs usually containing a bitter-tasting substance: bitterweed
weed - any plant that crowds out cultivated plants
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In May and June come pinks of all sorts, specially the blushpink; roses of all kinds, except the musk, which comes later; honeysuckles; strawberries; bugloss; columbine; the French marigold, flos Africanus; cherry-tree in fruit; ribes; figs in fruit; rasps; vineflowers; lavender in flowers; the sweet satyrian, with the white flower; herba muscaria; lilium convallium; the apple-tree in blossom.
She relishes the mouth-filling words: "There were vetches and lady's bedstraw, forgetmenots and speedwells, foxgloves, viper's bugloss, cow parsley, deadly nightshade (wreathed in the hedges), willowherb and cranesbill, hairy bittercress, docks (good for wounds and stings), celandines, campions and ragged robin" (34).
Echium pininana, or Giant Viper's Bugloss One of my favourite plants, this is great for adding drama and excitement as it grows several metres tall.
Dianthus Barbatus - Sweet William Echium Pininana - Giant Viper's Bugloss Oenothera Biennis - evening primrose Digitalis - foxglove
Mi fedrwch hefyd blannu nifer o rai eraill: mae aelodau o deulu tafod yr ych yn dda i ddenu cacwn, yn enwedig y gwiberlys (Echium vulgare; viper's bugloss).
Ann said another striking newcomer was Viper's Bugloss."We hope to see these new arrivals again, but in the past we have had some flowers for one year only -- Meadow Saxifrage and Devil's Bit Scabious.
It was composed of 10 herbs including lavender, fennel, cordia fruit, jujube, bugloss, dracocephalum, licorice, maidenhair fern, humifusa, and stab sugar.