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or boulle  (bo͞ol)
An elaborate inlay of tortoiseshell, ivory, and metal, used especially in decorating furniture.

[After André Charles Boulle or , Buhl (1642-1732), French woodcarver.]
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adj, n
(Antiques) the usual US spelling of boulle
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or buhl


(sometimes cap.) elaborate inlaid work of tortoiseshell and brass or other metal on wood. Also called boulle•work (ˈbulˌwɜrk)
[1870–75; < French, after A. C. Boul(l)e (1642–1732), French cabinetmaker]
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(or Boule or Boulle) A style developed by the French cabinetmaker André C Boulle (1642–1732) using inlays of metal and tortoiseshell.
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Noun1.Buhl - an inlaid furniture decorationbuhl - an inlaid furniture decoration; tortoiseshell and yellow and white metal form scrolls in cabinetwork
embellishment - a superfluous ornament
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He had left his overcoat with the silk-stockinged footmen (the stockings were one of Beaufort's few fatuities), had dawdled a while in the library hung with Spanish leather and furnished with Buhl and malachite, where a few men were chatting and putting on their dancing-gloves, and had finally joined the line of guests whom Mrs.
The first objects of furniture in the room which attracted her attention were an old bureau of carved oak, and a heavy buhl table with a cabinet attached.
As those words escaped him, he walked to the buhl cabinet.
On my right hand and on my left, as I stood inside the door, were chiffoniers and little stands in buhl and marquetterie, loaded with figures in Dresden china, with rare vases, ivory ornaments, and toys and curiosities that sparkled at all points with gold, silver, and precious stones.
The ample heavy folds of the velvet left just room at the two corners of the wall for two little upright cabinets in buhl, containing rows of drawers, and supporting two fine bronze productions (reduced in size) of the Venus Milo and the Venus Callipyge.
Some of the rest lingered a little, marrying golden liqueur glasses to Buhl tables with sticky rings; on the desperate chance of Mr Merdle's saying something.
The Buhl Group, headquartered in Neunkirchen, Germany, develops and markets innovative software solutions for PCs, Mac, Web and mobile devices.
Buhl Investors paid $4.5 million for the AVCR Warehouse building at 106 Water St.
Provider of biological solutions Novozymes A/S (CPH:NZYMB) reported on Wednesday that at its annual shareholders' meeting, held on 27 February 2019, the audited annual report for the fiscal year 2018 was approved; remuneration to the members of the board of directors was approved; re-election of Jorgen Buhl Rasmussen as chairman and Agnete Raaschou-Nielsen as vice chairman of the board of directors and re-election of board members Lars Green, Kasim Kutay, Kim Stratton and Mathias Uhlen was approved.
There's always a discussion about how rising interest rates will affect commercialreal estate investment, but that talk has also become cliched since transaction volume has not slowed, said Mike Buhl of Commercial Realty Resources Co.
"She is an outstanding leader among many who are working in the environmental field toward the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay," said Lynn Buhl, assistant secretary of the Maryland Department of the Environment, who has known and worked with Fritz for five years.