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Noun1.building permit - a document authorizing the holder to construct a building of a particular kind on a particular lot
license, permit, licence - a legal document giving official permission to do something
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The value of that building permit alone came to a shade under $23 million.
On October 13, 2005 Lopez publicly endorsed Mayor Bloomberg and, three days later, the BSA rejected Singer's request for a building permit, citing his inability to come up with a sponsor.
According to Pohler, many cities ranked higher and lower than Thunder Bay in the magazine have good building permit numbers but no space to put any new operations.
There was a significant increase in building permit valuations in Anchorage during the month of April 2005.
The utility fee represents close to 70 percent of all the costs associated with obtaining a building permit,a said the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.
On another occasion, NYC Department of Buildings construction inspectors conducted a "sweep" of scaffolding and sidewalk sheds in Manhattan, finding that 25% of the sites inspected did not have the proper building permit for that project, putting workers and pedestrians at risk.
The number of housing projects that got a building permit rose an annual 13 per cent, to 691 and include 445 detached houses, up 24 per cent, 144 semi-detached houses, up 5.9 per cent, and 282 residential blocks, up 7.6 per cent, Cystat said.
These are secure and solid structures that do not require a building permit, and only need to be painted approximately once every five years.
The developer of the apartment building took the position that once the zoning lot declaration was filed, the issuance of the building permit was as-of-right, and required no discretionary approvals.

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