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a. Work that is done for others as an occupation or business: has done service for us as a consultant.
b. The performance of work or duties for a superior or as a servant: found the butler's service to be excellent.
c. An act or a variety of work done for others, especially for pay: offers a superior service to that of his competitors; provides full catering services.
a. Assistance; help: was of great service to him during his illness.
b. An act of assistance or benefit; a favor: My friend did me a service in fixing the door.
a. The serving of food or the manner in which it is served: The service was good, but the food was lousy.
b. A set of dishes or utensils: a silver tea service.
a. Employment in duties or work for another, as for a government: has been in the company's service for 15 years.
b. A government branch or department and its employees: the diplomatic service.
c. A department or branch of a hospital staff that provides specified patient care: the anesthesiology service.
a. The armed forces of a nation: joined the service right after college.
b. A branch of the armed forces of a nation.
a. The installation, maintenance, or repairs provided or guaranteed by a dealer or manufacturer: a dealer with full parts and service.
b. The provision to the public of something, especially a utility: a town without sewer service.
c. The system or equipment used to provide something to the public: The electrical service was damaged in the storm.
7. Sports
a. The right of serving in many court games.
b. A serve: Her first service hit the net.
8. A religious rite or formal ceremony: held services in the evening; a memorial service.
9. Copulation with a female animal. Used of male animals, especially studs.
10. Law The serving of a legal process, such as a summons or court order.
11. The material, such as cord, used in binding or wrapping rope.
12. An answering service.
tr.v. ser·viced, ser·vic·ing, ser·vic·es
1. To make fit for use; adjust, repair, or maintain: service a car.
2. To provide services to: That cable company services most households in the area.
3. To make interest payments on (a debt).
a. To copulate with (a female animal). Used of a male animal, especially studs.
b. Slang To have sex with.
1. Of or relating to the armed forces of a country.
2. Intended for use in supplying or serving: a service elevator; the service entrance.
3. Offering repairs or maintenance: a service guarantee; a road service area.
4. Offering services to the public in response to need or demand: a service industry.
at (someone's) service
Ready to help or be of use.
be of service
To be ready to help or be useful.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin servitium, slavery, from servus, slave.]
Usage Note: The verb service is used principally in the sense "to repair or maintain": service the washing machine. Exceptions to this usage include specialized senses in finance (service a debt) and animal breeding (service a mare). Serve means "to supply goods or services to," as in One radio network serves three states.
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pl n
1. (Industrial Relations & HR Terms) work performed for remuneration
2. (Military) the services the armed forces
3. (Economics) (sometimes singular) economics commodities, such as banking, that are mainly intangible and usually consumed concurrently with their production. Compare goods2
4. a system of providing the public with gas, water, etc
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - performance of duties or provision of space and equipment helpful to othersservices - performance of duties or provision of space and equipment helpful to others; "the mayor tried to maintain city services"; "the medical services are excellent"
employment, work - the occupation for which you are paid; "he is looking for employment"; "a lot of people are out of work"
plural, plural form - the form of a word that is used to denote more than one
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n. servicios;
emergency ______ de emergencia;
extended care facility ______ de cuidado o atención extendida;
preventive health ______ de salud preventiva.
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COLEG y Cymoedd has invested more than PS1.4m on upgrades to its building services and motor vehicle facilities at the college's Ystrad Mynach campus.
Workers at Renfrewshire Council's building services stores could face being shipped to another department if a management change goes ahead, a trade union official has warned, writes Jack Thomson, Local Democracy Reporter.
Doha has announced that the inaugural edition of Building Services Qatar will be officially supported by Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA).
Sweco AB (STO:SWECB) announced on Thursday the acquisition of M&R Engineering, a Belgian engineering consultancy specialised in technical building services.
AFAST-GROWING building services business says it is on course to double its turnover to PS20m within five years after announcing record financial results.
The electrical and mechanical work on Boho 5 was completed by North-east specialists Opus Building Services.
| BUILDING services firm Steven A Hunt & Associates is one of three national finalists in the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers Building Performance Awards 2015 in London next February.
Building services refers to the infrastructure of the building that makes it a safe and comfortable environment.
A BUILDING services business in Birmingham has purchased its own premises to facilitate ongoing growth with the support of a PS100,000 loan from Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking.
As an aside, there is a branch of engineering known as mechanical and electrical building services (for example heating, ventilation and lighting of buildings).

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