building trades

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build′ing trades`

those trades, as carpentry that are primarily concerned with the construction and finishing of buildings.
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The building trades asserted its position in unambiguous terms, and all San Francisco was in turmoil.
asked old man Denny, with one eye on the report of the Building Trades League.
number of students an opportunity to learn the building trades, and the students would use the money paid to them to keep themselves in school.
TUNIS, (TAP)- Two twinning protocols were signed, Thursday in Tunis, between the training centre of building trades aACoeIbn Sina,aACA[yen] the French aACoeCFAaACA[yen] Centre of Reims and the aACoeLycEae labellisEa MEatiers, Georges BriEaA re.
JH Turner, National Federation of Building Trades Operatives Mail, January 20, 1954
The coalition includes the Building Trades Employers Association; Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York; 32BJ SEIU; the New York Hotel & Motel Trades Council; and Silverstein Properties, the developer of the World Trade Center site.
Over the past four years, America's Building Trades Unions have lamented the toxic nature of our politics that sought to win the latest news cycle but rarely put the needs of constituents ahead of political party goals.
Beginning with a look at the organization of building trades and career outlooks and skills, the text covers topics such as job site safety, construction mathematics, tools and fasteners, scaffolding and rigging, and blueprint reading The work includes detailed color diagrams and technical drawings, relevant tables and charts, and practice exercises.
CU*Answers said it has converted the$102 million Building Trades Federal Credit Union in Maple Grove, Minn.
Blueprint reading; construction drawings for the building trades.
Using his prevailing wage reasoning for construction workers, I would argue that the building trades continue to make good wages despite the actual de-skilling of the trades over time.
The college's Project HIRE director, Glenda Self--who has overseen building trades training for the project for 21 years--will manage the program.

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