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Adj.1.bulb-shaped - shaped like a bulb
circular, round - having a circular shape
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Zhang Jin'an, "most people are able to open their mouth to about four centimetres wide, while the bulb-shaped candy has a diameter of six centimetres.
Corning says its history is full of innovations, including in 1879 when it developed the bulb-shaped glass encasement for Thomas Edison's incandescent lamp.
Cox and Cox's clear, bulb-shaped festoon lights are perfect for shining a light on proceedings (www.
Artist Jorge Macchi highlights the plight of artistic intellectuals in his 2013 installation, Backstage, which consists of a cramped room only big enough to hold a grand piano when the sides of the instrument are pushed up against the bare walls, and the propped lid just barely avoids grazing the bulb-shaped ceiling light.
Bea Valdes accessories have always been known for their painstaking beadwork, particularly the crystal bulb-shaped purses, in unique patterns.
Once she manages to get going, Ella's wide-brimmed hat repeatedly flies off and into the face of a light bulb-shaped fellow -- aka Jake -- in another bumper car with his date.
In the series, also titled "Free and Easy Wanderer," 2014, custom-built concrete bases hokl humidifiers (including a duo of fascinating bulb-shaped models from South Korea), each topped by fossilized brachiopods or petrified turtle shells de Haan collected while roaming the badlands of Alberta and South Dakota.
Numerous spikes jut out of the surface of HIV, each containing a set of three identical, bulb-shaped proteins called gp120 that can be closed together or spread apart like the petals of a flower.
The company is now strengthening the lineup with more offerings in an affordable price range as well as a wide variety of styles, from clear-type bulbs to conventional bulb-shaped lights, candle-shaped lamps and halogen-type lamps.
The only way to tell where and when Osedax have been at work is by distinctive bulb-shaped cavities that they leave behind in a bone -- and it is these borings that have finally been recognized by Higgs.
And if you asked me which was my favourite bulb-shaped allium, onion would be in the top two.