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Adj.1.bulbaceous - producing or growing from bulbs
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Somatic Embryogenesis and Synthetic Seed Production-a Biotechnological Approach for True-to-Type Propagation and In Vitro Conservation of an Ornamental Bulbaceous Plant DrimiopsiskirkiiBaker.
Mesostigmata (Acari) of bulbaceous ornamental plants in Turkey.
Among the plants that exist at the bio-diversity park are: an ethnobotanical collection of 57 species with 1,669 plants, 24 aromatic species with 591 plants, a sacred species collection of 38 species with 924 plants, environment friendly and air purifying species of 18 types with 323 plants, ornamental species of 24 types with 596 plants, bambusetum with 10 species with 228 plants, 40 native species with 1,790 plants and 56 rare Nakshtra, Dashamul and Bulbaceous species.