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Adj.1.bulblike - shaped like a bulb
circular, round - having a circular shape
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Rather than being served on one large and thick puri, which is often the norm, this came as a trio of bulblike puri pockets with very tasty tikka style chicken inside.
Many of these had bulblike ends similar to hair follicles.
All have bald, bulblike heads, and eyes that stare fixedly, stubbornly, to the left or right.
tiger lilies") produce masses of bulbils--dark, plump, miniature bulblike structures--in the leaf axils along their stems.
Bulblet (Bulbil)--A small bulb or bulblike structure, usually borne in leaf axils, or among or in the place of flowers, or in other unusual places, as in pineapple.
Male azyine ladybird beetles have distinctive pairs of hairy bulblike structures, called parameres, that remain outside the female's body, tapping rhythmically against her.
From each pad, Weaver carefully removed about a dozen hairs (strands complete with their microscopic bulblike roots are best) and sent them to the genetics laboratory of the Wildlife Conservation Society in New York.
Butternut--Not to be confused with buttercup, it has a tan exterior with a bulblike base.
Around the West, in places where cultural conditions favor the commercial production of certain bulbs and bulblike plants, spring turns the growing fields into dazzling carpets of flowers.