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a. bulbouretral, uretrobulbar, rel. al bulbo del pene y la uretra.
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Sampling was done on convenience basis and a total of 18 patients with complex anterior urethral strictures and combined anterior and bulbourethral strictures were included.
Men possess the membranous urethra, bulbourethral glands (Cowper's glands), and dorsal artery and nerve of the penis.
Bulbourethral glands also known as Cowper's glands are accessory sexual organs that secrete an alkaline mucus-like fluid which neutralizes traces of acidic urine in the urethra and helps with neutralizing the acidity of the vagina and urethral lubrication during ejaculation.
In fact, the authors confirmed the presence of GSH-Px with molecular weight 20 kDa in boar seminal vesicles, prostate, bulbourethral glands, and spermatozoa, but not in seminal plasma.
Leukocytospermia: The epididymis, prostate, seminal vesicles and bulbourethral glands, together, contribute to the formation of the seminal fluid (Vivas-Acevedo et al, 2010).
Urogenital tract causes include infection in the bulbourethral glands, urethral injury, iatrogenic injury secondary to urethral stricture manipulation, epididymitis, orchitis, and lower urinary tract infection.
The male accessory sex glands of mammals include the prostate gland, the vesicular glands, the glands of the ampulla and the bulbourethral glands.
73) introduced a bulbourethral sling procedure in 1998, which uses a series of 3 tetra-fluoroethylene bolsters placed beneath the bulbar urethra through a perinea
Petrou SP:Treatment of postprostatectomy incontinence: is the bulbourethral sling a viable alternative to the artificial urinary sphincter?
A small volume is from the bulbourethral glands, epididymides and prostate (first part) and the major volume contribution is from the seminal vesicles (second part).